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Ride Cue 147cm Snowboard - Men's Youth

The Ride Cue Snowboard is Ride's best first impression for beginner to intermediate fun. The relaxed shape and forgiving Radial sidecut of the Ride Cue allow the beginning Rider to feel the edge of the board in the snow and learn to make the two work together for easy, consistent turning without feeling like the edge is going to catch at any second. Featuring Ride's proven durability, the Cue performs better than any other beginner board, and promotes progression and fun well past the first 100 days. Key Features of Ride Cue 147cm Snowboards: ')">Radial Sidecut ')">Progression Core ')">1000 Grade Extruded Fusion Base Dual Resin System Length (cm) Eff.edge (cm) Stance offset (in) Waist (cm) 147 116.8 1" back 24.4
  Buy here: 179.95 $

Ride Decade 156cm Snowboard - Men's

Whether the desire is to relax or push limits, the Decade takes advantage of the Misty 1 Sidewall's smoothing characteristics, filtering high-frequency noise out of the turn and allowing Riders like Shane Flood to set the edge and let it Ride! Key Features of the Ride Decade 156cm Snowboard: Directional Shape Quadratic Sidecut 45° Misty 1 Con - Sidewall Response Core Triaxial Fiberglass Linear Carbon and Aramid Reinforcement True Color Sintered Fusion Base Fusion Tip and Tail Patented True-Flex Inserts Dual Resin System Eff Edge (cm) Sidecut (m) Waist (cm) Stance Setback (in) 121.8 8.4//7.4/8.4 24.9 1" Back
  Buy here: 299.95 $

Ride Decade 156cm Snowboard - Men's

The Ride Decade sets the bar for all-terrain versatility. Its Misty 1 3D construction optimizes weight, response and comfort for a smooth and easy feel that answers back when you're on. Now with added Carbon Array, this Ride is loaded and ready for a variety of epic days no matter what the condition. Key Features of the Ride Decade 156cm Snowboard: Directional Quadratic Sidecut Medium (6) Flex 45° Misty 1 Con Response Tuned Core New! Carbon Array 3 Linear Carbon & Aramid Hybrid Laminates True Color Sintered Base Eff Edge (cm) Sidecut (m) Nose/Tail (cm) Waist (cm) 121.8 8.4/7.4/8.4 29.7 24.9
  Buy here: 339.95 $


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07 ride dh snowboard gratuitous - Online

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